Why Made by you?

At Made By You, we want to make the web more human. A website should not only be made of lines of code and pretty design, it should also, and above all, be a human encounter so that your visitors can experience a unique experience. At Made By You, we put you and your visitors at the heart of your product.

Why use Made By You?

By working together, you will have a single point of contact from the design of your website to the launch. We will not throw you in at the deep end without a lifebuoy: a documentation and a training will be provided. Your website will look like you and Made By You will be flexible and responsive to your requests.

Made By You will also be able to redirect you to trusted service providers for your more specific requests (logo creation, writing, community management…)

Corinne Grondin from Made By You
Corinne Grondin

The girl behind Made By You...

Hey! But you're still here! So I'll continue....

Made By You, it's a person: Corinne Grondin. After almost ten years spent in big e-commerce groups (B2B & B2C), I want to put my experience at the service of the individual.
The perfect mix between code and design is a bit, in good French that I am, like a good bread and a well matured cheese: a fabulous mixture that naturally balances itself to give a unique result. Specialized in web usability and user experience: I like to put the human being at the heart of technology. Add to that the meeting with passionate people like you, and you have Made By You.

My creativity doesn't stop with the creation of a website. I like to share my knowledge and learn. For me, curiosity is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it feeds me and that's why I enjoy writing as well as knitting (yes, I know, beanies in Singapore are not very useful) or meeting professionals from different backgrounds (yes, I mean you).