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Made By You creates your website from A to Z

Webdesign & web site development

At Made by you we don’t assume one size fits it all. We are here to custom-build our services with you according to your unique needs.
You know your business best.

Need a website from scratch for your business so that it will move to the next stage?
From inception to implementation we will be there for you in order to make your digital solution fit your business goals

Made By You comes to your rescue on your website issues


Already have a website and want some advices to gain more visibility and credibility? You have taken over the management of a site and you need help?

Web design, user experience, accessibility, there are so many ways to improve your website!

Made By You comes to your rescue to unlock you in your project.

Made By You teach you how to stand on your own feet


Plan to build your own website?

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

We love to empower people, we can give you the power to make your own decisions and become independent through our learning courses and customer support.

Corinne Grondin Made By You Pte. Ltd.

Hello stranger!

At Made By You, we want to make the web more human. A website should not only be made of lines of code and pretty design, it should also, and above all, be a human encounter so that your visitors can experience a unique experience.

At Made By You, we put you and your visitors at the heart of your product because it is not because it is on the web that there can be no exchanges.

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