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Introduce Message In a Bottle, its service and work. Convenient website which goes straight to the point while being simple. Independence in the update.

Message In a Bottle is a small company for small companies. It is also aimed at entrepreneurs or start-ups who wish to communicate without having the budget to buy the services of a bigger agency.

Due to its size and experience, Delphine offers tailor-made services for small structures with high added value.
Based in Singapore, this compant offers its services in Asia and Europe, but also throughout the world. An expert in French, she also speaks English, Italian and Spanish.

Message In a Bottle offers fresh communication in the mood of time and even sometimes, if appropriate, impertinent, disruptive.

Are you curious? Check out the website of Delphine !


Sobriety: the key word.

Made By You has created the website of Message In a Bottle, communication agency

It is a full width version of a browser. Delphine from Message In a Bottle wants the location, time, language and social network information to be placed at the top of the page: as a Digital Nomad, her customers need to know at a glance where she is and if she can be reached (jet lag). This information is therefore located in a "pre-header".

In the header, the logo is on the left and the menu on the right. In the mobile version, the menu is displayed as a burger (the three horizontal bars have now become a web display convention). The current page is highlighted with a thick blue line and the title is also colored. The font of the word "blog" is different from the others because, even if we remain on the same graphic charter, it is a question here of giving a more personal touch like a newspaper.

The title of the page is highlighted by an image chosen by Message In a Bottle. In addition, the colored punctuation at the end of the title highlights the title. The idea is to use the color touches of the visual identity in small strokes in order to remain sober.

The body of each page is highly customizable by Delphine. As desired, she can play on the texts as well as on their layout. For example, on the home page, she can choose to give more details about her services or shorten the description.

On the home page, each sub-part is accompanied by an icon that is repeated throughout the site so that users can easily find their way around. This is all the more important for services.

For the testimonials, the choice was made to put the customer comments in a box slightly shaded like a small cocoon where they could be pampered.

Are you curious? Check out the website of Delphine !

Branding & iconography

Some peps for a Digital Nomad

Color palette














Made By You created these icons for Message In a Bottle

Header Typeface



0123456789  (.,:.?!)  éèà%ôûç


Paragraph Typeface



0123456789  (.,:.?!)  éèà%ôûç

Light - Regular - Medium - Bold

Technically speaking

Winning association.

wordpress logo


Delphine's wish being to be autonomous on her product, Made By You chose to work with Wordpress. This free content management system (CMS) is used by more than 30% of websites (in 2018). It is easy to configure and use.

Divi builder

With Wordpress, the Divi Builder works miracles for advanced customization desires. With Divi Builder, you can easily create your pages. In the case of Message In a Bottle, the Divi Builder has been customized to meet all Delphine's needs. Documentation has been provided to Delphine to ensure that she will be independent.

Divi builder


Delphine's opinion

secondary icon Made By You

Working with Made By You for my website was a real pleasure. Corinne is a listener, open to challenges, creative and knows how to make her knowledge accessible to everyone. She found solutions to meet my wildest requests while respecting my budget.
The result is there: many compliments since the opening of the website and, when I deal with it on a daily basis, I am always so delighted. In short, I recommend Corinne without any hesitation.

Owner | Message In a Bottle
From Singapore

Photo credit © Silvia Dogliani