Help! I need somebody!

You, or a friend, have knowledge in web design, either in design or in  coding things but not the dual competence ? You find yourself stuck in the creation of your web elements? Made By You can help you in both areas.

Explain your problem to us, we will have a listening ear and we will try to answer most faithfully your problematic. Do not be afraid, you can tell us everything!

1. Design

If you already have technical knowledge to create a website but you do not have the artistic streak, Made By You can help you to create the design of your project.

First, we will discuss to define your desires and your project. Made By You takes care of the design and offers you mockups . We'll also provide you with a graphic specification that describes the color schemes, fonts, and graphics elements you'll need to get your site up and running.

Made By You can also help you to create a banner , landing page , Facebook template, or > flyer . We can create and layout your graphic elements. Just tell us what you need and we'll give you designs.

2. Technical part

It can also happen that you have a beautiful design for your projects but that you are disarmed to bring your project to life. Made By You can unlock you by creating the technical part of your project .

Made By You is fluent in HTML and CSS . We often know and use Jquery , Javascript , and PHP . So do not be afraid to come find us.

We will begin our collaboration around a cup of coffee and you will present your designs and your project. After studies, Made By You will explain what we will use and how we will make the technical part of your site.

A documentation will be provided and, if you need it, Made By You can teach you how to use your website .